Automating data privacy and security compliance with Server-side tagging.

At the fundamental level, an optimal and efficient tag management solution minimizes data privacy and security compliance issues. Tags, especially third-party tags from external vendors and advertisers are subject to GDPR/CCPA, PIPEDA regulations, and other international data privacy laws. These regulations scrutinize your data consent and opt-out policies.

In this whitepaper, we present to you how to use a server-side tag manager that can help marketers scale tagging efforts while not comprising with speed. You will know more about:

  1. How a server-side tag manager can be used to leverage the principles as benefits?
  2. Using an integrated tag management infrastructure for proactive avoidance of data leakages and thefts.
  3. How to include tag expiry notification, use anomaly detection for hidden tags, and test and validate tags, remotely? 
  4. A real case that showcases how they reduced tagging and compliance efforts from months to days.

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