Media strategy with mobile app tagging

Improve app search, browsing, categorization, and optimize advertising

Embed mobile experience into your media strategy

Using Magic Pixel, create a strong measurement plan and mobile-app-media implementation strategy just like for your web and other digital properties.

How did MagicPixel improve H&R Block’s website performance with server-side tagging?

Native or Hybrid

Dynamically implement any new pixel on server-side without the need to make multiple updates or version controls.

Easy Analytics Integration

Do better tag management with an integrated approach. Postback to Magic Pixel endpoint with your existing accounts of Adobe or Google Analytics on your app.

How D2C Companies Can Use Server-Side Tracking and First-Party Cookies to Improve Customer Experience

Mobile App Analytics

Track events and consumer behavior across mobile apps built for different mobile devices. Minimize the use of too many tags with defined containers.