Server-side tagging
for IT and Data Teams

Better tag governance, privacy compliance and data security

More control over first-party data_server side tagging

More control over first-party data

Re-visit website and app tracking with a ‘privacy-first’ approach enabled by server-side tagging. You know what data is being shared with whom. Any anomalies could be tracked.

Incremental client-server tag transfers

Move any tag from Client-side firing to server-side with a flip of a switch. You can migrate them in incremental steps or all at once depending on which of these matter most to your marketing campaign.

proactive tag managment_data privacy and governance
1_Reporting and tag analytics

Evolved Analytics stack

With out-of-the-box integration, you can add your existing analytics tools and dashboard for advanced tag analytics. This is not just for website analytics. This can also be extended to mobile apps with media pixels.

Live debugging & Anomaly detection

Use the machine learning-enabled detection capability to receive proactive updates about anomalies. Exclusive production and publish environments allow you to pre-test tags before firing.

Live debugging_Magic Pixel_Crowd testing