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Boost your e-commerce business with MagicPixel’s integration with Magento. Get accurate attribution, valuable customer insights, and optimised ad spend. With real-time monitoring, privacy compliance, take your marketing efforts to the next level.

About Magento Extension

MagicPixel’s Magento integration automatically builds the data layer in the HTML source, enabling accurate data collection and improved data quality. With our server-side tracking, first-party identity, and customer data platform, gain valuable insights into customer behavior and conversions.


Integration of Magic Pixel and Magento provide these features:

  1. Server-side tracking: Our integration enables accurate data collection and improved data quality with server-side tracking, ensuring that customer behavior and conversions are accurately visualized.

  2. First-party identity: With built-in first-party identity, you can be sure that the data you collect is accurate and reliable, providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

  3. Customer data platform: Our integration provides a customer data platform that helps you gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences.

  4. Real-time monitoring: We provide real-time event monitoring of all pixels and analytics events fired from web and app, allowing you to stay on top of campaign performance.

  5. Privacy compliance: With our easy-to-use interface for managing privacy compliance, you can comply with any privacy law in under 12 hours, ensuring that you stay compliant and protect your customers’ data.

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It takes only a few minutes to implement Magic Pixel’s server-side tracking. You’ll benefit from lower CPMs, greater accuracy, and a quicker website to aid in increasing conversion rates.