Automate Google Lighthouse scores

Averages don’t tell you anything. Replace them with real historic data of the Lighthouse scores for analysis.

You don’t have to settle with typical end-user scenarios and manual tests. The tests within Magic Pixel are not subject to constraints of local network capability.

Run lighthouse tests consistently, every day.

Know what pixels are fired on that particular page and time.

Link back to pixel pages based on the report.

Enhanced Google Lighthouse feature on Magic Pixel

Choose your preferred Variant.

Lighthouse standard variant is included and automatically created for the user. You can choose other variants which are defined as a type of test that you want to run. You can also choose the device on which you want to run.

Don’t worry about simulation scenarios

There are various simulation scenarios in which your site needs to be tested and hence, the throttle is tested for each variant.

A disciplined Tag Manager

Every day the tests are run automatically and results are available for you to analyze. The historic data can be further used to evaluate and identify any performance degradation. You can also examine the media tags or MarTech changes that are affecting the performance.

Improve Site Performance with Lighthouse on Magic Pixel

Attribute Performance

Identify the reasons for performance based on real data and not averages calculated on spreadsheets. Attribute tags or MarTech changes that cause your site performance to rise or fall.

Find The Culprit

Know the exact number of tags being fired, on a given day. Identify heavy media tags that are not necessary. Remove or add the hidden media pixels.

Data-backed Conclusions

Arrive at conclusions – striking a compromise over media and functionality. Know whether media tags are affecting the performance or there are other reasons.

Meet Requirements And Adequacy

There is no technology overload. Everything right from adding media tags to a server is managed by Magic Pixel. You don’t need any code to run these. You can also visualize the data on our dashboards.

Assign Page Budgets

You can also set budgets on your media pixels, per page. Magic Pixel indicates how many media pixels should be added and allows you to set control over the number and type of media tags to be added and published.

Delegate Google Lighthouse tests to
Magic Pixel

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Lighthouse scores?

Lighthouse is an open-source tool provided by Google to test the scores of your website on different parameters. It also provides problem areas, fixing them you can improve the quality of web pages.

What parameters are included when Google Lighthouse tests are run on Magic Pixel?

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What are the simulation settings?

Magic Pixel takes care of the various simulation scenarios in which your site needs to be tested. This feature tests the throttle for each variant.

How frequently are Google Lighthouse score tests run?

We submit a report every 24 hours. The log of tests and the test reports are automatically updated into your account of Magic Pixel.

We are an agency and manage tags for our clients. Can we use this for clients?

Yes, you can configure it for all your clients and send updated reports on how their website is performing for a given period.