Debug and validate tags in real-time

Without interrupting the user’s journey validate, fire, and crowd test tags in a live environment. Implement pixels in minutes!

No Elaborate Test Flows With Crowd Testing

Test hundreds of tags in a few minutes and not days or weeks. You don’t need to run elaborate test flows each time you validate tags or find bugs. Work with media pixels in both production and published environment.

How To Use Crowd Testing In Tag Management?

In the context of tag management, crowd testing allows you to involve your team and your media agency to validate tags and find bugs in the existing flows. A server-side tag manager allows you to automate testing and eliminate elaborate test flows each time. The automation facilitates crowd testing in minutes and not days.

Use Crowd testing for your media pixels

Live Debugging

View all the live tags being fired. Add filters with conditions as necessary to spot the failing tags. Validate your tags on a single screen and run crowd testing while they are active on your website or app.

Quick Implementation Of Media Pixels

Do not waste your man hours in running manual tests for a handful of tags. Your time can be spent in better ways. MagicPixel comes with inherent intelligence to identify and indicate the failed tags.

Better And Honest Affiliate Marketing

Detect if your tag firing statistics translate into sales with live debugging. Identify discrepancies in tags being fired. View the previous instances and map them. Track your affiliates and their marketing activity. Don’t use a fire and forget system.