Our simple and intuitive UI, guides you to configure any pixel or a media tag to fire on server side, a lightweight SDK with small footprint will be generated.

This SDK on each page compiles the required data for all the pixels/tags and makes ones to the MP endpoint freeing up browser resources from all the heavy lifting. MP engine takes care of the rest.

If you as a business have a hybrid approach where you want to fire few client-side pixels, Magic pixel provides the ability to mark any pixel as client-side pixel. Upon publishing changes, Magic pixel creates a single SDK that will take care of client-side pixel firing plus all work that is necessary to fire remaining server-side pixels.

Magic Pixel gives you the ability to implement media pixels on your native or hybrid apps to dynamically implement any new pixel on server-side without the need to update and release a new version of the app. You can handle your mobile media strategy just like a web strategy.

If you have Adobe or Google Analytics on your app, then you don’t need to have our SDK, all you need to do is post back to Magic Pixel endpoint and you are ready to implement any pixel.

GDPR & CCPA compliance

Consumer Privacy laws have come down hard on all Digital Marketers, forcing companies to build compliance and governance around marketing partner relations.

Magic Pixel has built a comprehensive feature to enable CCPA and GDPR compliance and govern them effectively. Now you can enable compliance according to your legal interpretation and easily suppress and fire any media pixel based on visitor Do Not Sell preferences at not additional cost to you.

Companies with mature Digital Marketing Data Science capabilities are looking to get additional insights on media engagements, Walled gardens are limiting access to this data outside of their ecosystem. Magic Pixel’s Data Streaming feature allows you to stream the pixel and tag data in realtime to any ecosystem, be it your in house streaming platforms, third party CDPs or any data lakes. This helps you build your own first party graphs, attributions or any use cases that need this data.

Tag Monitoring & Alerts

We have seen many marketing managers constantly face the issue of pixels falling of the cliff due to updates/releases to their websites. This costing lost opportunities of tracking their site visitors. Magic Pixel’s ML based Anomaly Detection with customizable alerts let you monitor your media pixels traffic in realtime.

Magic Pixel has a growing list of prebuilt integrations for easy implementation of tags, Not only that you can create your own tags as well

Crowd Testing

We have often see time consuming part of any pixel implementation is testing the pixel itself. Magic pixel built crowd testing capability of all your pixels remotely without even running a test flow themselves. Contact us for a demo!!

Define policies to monitor and block sensitive personally identifiable information from reaching unauthorized endpoints

Increase Site Performance

There is a constant tussle between Developers and Digital Marketers, thus bringing the question of do you chose site performance over generating and measuring traffic to the site. What if we can address both? That’s a dream scenario for for everyone. Now with server side tagging from Magic Pixel, One can drastically reducing network calls and improve site speeds. Learn More with a demo with us!