Take back control of your data with Customer Data Platform

Single source of truth for all your data from websites, mobile app, CRM and Marketing platforms. Analyze customer journey, LTV, ROAS, & attribution. Create custom audiences for retargeting, remarketing, & reactivation.

Augment Privacy-first approach

Create opportunities for paid marketers to know their customers with data enrichment,
customer segmentation while honoring your customer’s privacy preference.

Connect the dots

Between disparate interactions, events, and instances, integrate data elements to create a unified 360-degree view to understand your customers.

1:1 Marketing

With unified data points, implement personalization across cross-channel campaigns with owned first-party data.

Data Democratization

Provide a privacy consent-driven feature-rich platform that your customers can trust to do business with you.

Don’t burn your marketing budget.

Continue to benefit from performance marketing with server-side tagging and maintain the cadence of marketing campaigns without missing a beat.

Attribute Paid Campaigns And Channels.

Learn where your customers are coming from and motivations behind conversions. Invest in campaigns that give you the maximum ROI. Revive multi-touch attribution for paid marketing. Don’t be threatened by third-party cookies.

Better Measurement And Customized Reporting

With attribution insights, now you can measure your campaigns with more precision. Diagnose broken tags in real-time that are troubling your campaign performance. Magic Pixel’s DIY interface lets you customize dashboards for your team to receive quick reports.

Better Retargeting And Remarketing

First-party data indicates high-potential targets for remarketing. Access cohort data to build long-term relationship and retarget for relevant products, later. Improve longevity of the customer-brand relationship and life-time value of customers (LTV).

What is the value for your money?

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Better insights enable richer segmentation, ensuring you draw optimal value from customer relationships and increased longevity.

Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)

First-party data also empowers you with insights from attribution. It helps you invest more in those campaigns that work well vs. those that don’t.

Low Infrastructure cost

Why build your expensive infrastructure and team to maintain it? You can bring in a platform built for this and much more at a fraction of the cost.

Automate Privacy Compliance​

Support User Preferences

You can use the platform to suppress and allow third-party vendors for your website, based on how your legal team dispositions the relation with your media provider. Consumers want protection, and it’s in the advertisers’ best interest to honor it.

International Marketing

Global marketing across different regions will not be a concern from a compliance standpoint. We support GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other international privacy legislation.

Build a First-Party Data Infrastructure

Smart Integrations

OOTB integrations with Third-party tools and platforms to promote first-party context-based data collection and distribution solutions.

Data Enrichment

Get real-time data and insights with capabilities to stream data into your data ecosystem.

Get started with your comprehensive Data strategy

Benefit from a CDP that can help visualize customer journey, optimize marketing spend with true ROAS & improve customer LTV.