Deciphering Customer identity in the Cookieless world

Magic Pixel’s ID Link Service enables a unified customer identity across all channels.

Gain First-party context and power-up your analytics layer

Don’t depend on third-party IDs to track your users.

Being a publisher or agency, deep insights into visitor and customer data is a precursor to personalization, targeting and attribution. They are challenged by cross channel marketing & lack of platform identity resolution. Enable ID Link service to create a first-party HTTP Cookie to store the Unique ID for the visitor.

End-to-end Customer ID Resolution

Build customer identities enriched by data streaming in from across different channels and sources.

Generate And Assign A Unique ID For The Visitor

Unique ID is generated with industry compliance guidelines. Assign the unique ID of every visitor in a first-party context while attaching it to every tag fire.

Build And Maintain Your ID Graph

ID graph is crucial for building and maintaining your marketing operations in this post-third-party cookie world.

Persistent IDs Remain Active Despite Third-Party Vendor Norms.

Industry is moving beyond third-party cookies and focusing on Persistent ID/Universal ID/Unique Customer ID based tracking. While some providers such as Adobe call out Bring Your Own ID, Google prescribes FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts).

Data Stitching With Advanced Analytics

This unique ID is part of the data set that comes along in your streaming data for your advanced Analytics. You can now add your first-party ID which could be an anonymized consent driven PII that is required for Data onboarding and stitching. Our ID graph can stitch all these IDs to one FP ID.

Enriched Customer Data, optimizing media marketing

Optimize cost per lead, CAC, RoAS and other metrics that matter to wise return on ad investments.

Solve Conversion Attribution

Track user or customer behavior in a first-party context. This includes tracking conversions and their attribution all through the campaign duration. We use hashing as a process to anonymize the identity and standardize unique customer ID resolution.

Real-time bidding and other ad conversion data

Magic Pixel’s ID Link service enables Unique ID for every visitor in a first party context, that is active for the entire visit and can span across visits for all your analytics and Media needs. Our server-side tag management system allows you to integrate your existing tag manager and analytics tools to stream bidding and other ad conversion information from your Demand-side platform.

Customer identity and personalization

Rich consumer data that gets enriched with continuous data streaming can be used to understand which type of ads need to be shown to whom. It also helps in determining how much ad spend needs to be allocated for each campaign, cohort, and on each customer.

Connect the dots

Between disparate interactions, events, and instances, integrate data elements to create a unified 360-degree view to understand your customers.

1:1 Marketing

With unified data points, implement personalization across cross-channel campaigns with owned first-party data.

Data Democratization

Provide a privacy consent-driven feature-rich platform that your customers can trust to do business with you.

Create a unified customer identity and enrich it.

Enrich Customer Data with Magic Pixel’s ID Link service and optimize your ad and media marketing.