Creative Intelligence

MagicPixel provides in-depth insights, intuitive data visualization, and customizable segmentation to streamline ad-level analytics

Unleash Realtime Campaign Insights with Attribution Modeling

In the world of digital marketing, every second counts. That’s why, at MagicPixel, we don’t just offer attribution modeling; we provide you with the power of real-time campaign insights.

Why Realtime Campaign Insights Matter ?

Your marketing campaigns are dynamic, and so should be your insights. Our attribution models go beyond analyzing past performance. They empower you with the ability to make critical decisions in the heat of the moment, ensuring that your campaigns remain agile and responsive.
Instant Creative Shutdown
With MagicPixel’s Realtime Insights, you can identify underperforming creatives within 30 minutes of a campaign’s launch. By swiftly shutting down those creatives that aren’t delivering clicks or conversions, you can optimize your resources and focus on what works.
Protect Your Ad Budget
Don’t waste a penny on creatives that aren’t pulling their weight. Realtime insights enable you to reduce spending on underperforming assets, preserving your ad budget for initiatives that drive results.
Boost ROAS

Real-time data allows you to fine-tune your campaigns on the fly. By investing in the creatives and channels that are generating conversions, you can significantly improve your Return on Ad Spend, maximizing your ROI.

Cut Down on CAC

Reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost by concentrating your efforts where they matter most. Realtime insights help you identify the most cost-effective strategies, saving you resources in the process.

Your Realtime Advantage

With MagicPixel’s Realtime Campaign Insights, you gain the upper hand in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Harness the power of attribution modeling in real-time, and watch your campaigns thrive like never before.

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