Define Server Side Data Pipelines using simple transformation functions

Read, process and transform one or more data elements to create an entirely new object without making changes to the actual data layer.

Ease tag management with secured transformation functions

How Transformers work?

One-Click Data Hashing

Go beyond encryption. Hash your data elements to keep them secured during server-side integration and while sharing data with third-parties.

Undisturbed Data References

Data references will remain with the data elements. With JavaScript tags across the data layer, just make changes to the data element references and the transformers will pull values into it.

Data-backed Conclusions

Arrive at conclusions – striking a compromise over media and functionality. Know whether media tags are affecting the performance or there are other reasons.

Available For Both Client And Server-side Tags

Define enterprise grade server or client data pipelines using transformation functions, expressed as simple JavaScript code. Attach and run them on client side or server side tags or share code between your client and server tags.

Test Transformers

Test your transformation functions in our virtual environment before publishing. Test them with multiple variables without making changes to the data layer.

No more scare about data dependencies.