Real-time tag monitoring and debugging

Detect and debug broken or expired tags in real-time.
Spend minutes not hours.

Don't Let Broken Tags Dip Your RoAS

Protect your website and apps from a breakdown. Don’t go blind on broken and missing tags. Magic Pixel provides different environments of staging and production to identify mishaps that poor tag configuration can cause. Don’t live with fire and forget tag management systems. Run tag audits, monitor and validate tags.

Let Magic Pixel Do The Grunt Work While You Sell More!

Automated Multi-alerts

Setup automation for you to be alerted about broken tags. In-built sensitivity alarms for fundamental mishaps and further customizations trigger any tag-related issues. Use filters to monitor tags and deep dive with clear identification.

Detect Anomalies & issues

Mitigate the risk of data inflation, data leakage, and data loss, especially with third-party engagements. Simplify tag audit cycles for marketing and legal teams. Stay compliant with data privacy and governance legislation.

Configure Trigger Delays

All media tags are not required all the time. You can delay tag triggers to improve the performance of your website and mobile apps and get them to load only when necessary. Let the user get a wholesome experience.

Authorize Media Agency

Empower your agency to manage the media tags for you. Gain an exclusive access for agency counterparts to do quick testing before firing media pixels and tags. No more any conflicts and excuses to roll-out media campaigns.

Proactive Preparation For Broken Tags

In-built algorithms predict future anomalies and alert you about any reason for broken tags and media pixels

We look for every possibility that can disturb your media tags, and fix it:

Code deployments.

Platform changes.

Browser changes.

Feature conflicts.

Diverse naming conventions.


More Time To Debug

Spend 20 hours or more, per week or more to debug broken tags?

Long testing cycles

Adding a single tag took upwards of 3 hours in the system - not including the time taken for testing and validation.

Broken Tag database

No master list of tags was available during production


Real-time debugging

Detect and debug broken or expired tags in real-time.

Quick implementation cycles

Adding tags can happen in minutes.

Unified Single View

Single view to see all available tags. Production and publishing environments are separate.

Enable marketing teams to validate data in real-time, capture it and put such data to immediate use.