Own data from all your
media pixels and tags.

A Server-side Tag Manager with in-built server-side tagging infrastructure that can handle client-side tags too.

A smart way out in the Cookieless world

Cookies are extinct and out-of-context. Everything that you track needs to be within a first-party context. Use the hybrid approach of firing a combination of server-side tags and client-side tags without losing the first-party context. Magic Pixel provides a do-it-yourself interface that can be used by marketers, data analysts, and legal teams.

See how your Server-side tag manager works for you.

Client-side tagging or server-side tagging, get started, and track every customer move.

  • Patented next-generation SaaS based platform for all your digital media marketing needs
  • The only platform you’ll ever need for all your client/server-side tagging
  • Exponentially cuts down the number of network calls from your browser or app
  • Customizable dashboard with real-time data monitoring
  • Define policies to monitor and block sensitive data from reaching unauthorized endpoints
  • Take control of your data with API capability to stream the pixel data back into your own platforms or other Data Platform
  • Configure custom alerts to monitor the pixels/tags
  • Crowd-test all your pixels, thus accounting for and correcting any pixel drop-off
How Magic Pixel works as a server side tag manager

Features that power up your Media Pixels

See what your Server-side Tag Manager can do for you.

Web and mobile tagging

Web & Mobile App Tagging

First-party data collection through Web & Mobile App tagging avoiding AdBlockers, Firefox ETP & Safari ITP

Data privacy compliance

CCPA & GDPR compliance

Inbuilt features to enable CCPA and GDPR compliance by protecting user privacy during data collection

Data Streaming

Data Streaming

High-performance tag management and streaming to your preferred Data Warehouse

Tag monitoring and alerts

Tag Monitoring & Alerts

Robust dashboard to monitor tags and customized alerts for tag performance

Smart Integrations

Smart Integrations

75+ pre-built integration for easy implementation of standard tags & create your own custom tags

Crowd testing

Crowd Testing

Crowd test all your pixels, thus accounting and correcting any pixel that is dropping off

PII Monitoring

PII Monitoring

Define policies to monitor and block sensitive PII data from reaching unauthorized endpoints

Improve site performance

Improve Site Performance

Increase site performance by implementing tags via Magic Pixel API gateway and engine. 

Smart Integrations

Magic Pixel has 75 pre-built integrations for easy implementation of tags and media pixels. Create your own tags in few easy steps and monitor how they work.

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