Data Governance and Privacy Compliance

Transparency in customer preference management and augment data audits.

CCPA and GDPR compliance

Data protection and international data privacy law compliance

Govern customer data with in-built data elements and scripts that help you track user preferences. Enable compliance according to your legal disposition and easily suppress or fire any media pixel based on visitor preference. Curb ‘Do Not Sell’ preferences without costing you.

Suppress Vendors

Use tags to identify user preferences of ‘do not sell’ and backlist vendors at the click of a button. Keep your data records updated with such information, avoiding repetitive checks. Use this data to avoid unawareness of user data preferences and avoid legal hassle and penalties.

Simplify Approval Process

Simplify legal and related approval processes between whitelisting and suppression. No new code logics each time. Stay notified about the new preferences.

Proactive Tag Audits

Alarms and triggers in-built into the tag management system alerts you of the anomalies, ahead. Meet data governance audit deadlines with quick action. Deeply enquire into who, when, and what about tags and any intrusions. Don’t wait until the last day of audit timelines.

Maintain Coding Standards

Novice or expert tag managers are guided by the tool time and gain to adhere to data privacy compliant coding standards. Visibility into data elements, flawed scripts help you proactively rectify tagging and firing mishaps.