Server side tracking is an approach for tracking website visitors and their behavior that involves collecting and storing data on a company’s own servers rather than the visitor’s browser.

While browser-based tracking methods, such as cookies and JavaScript tags, have long been the standard for website analytics, server-side tracking is becoming more popular.

Here are the reasons:

•   One of the main benefits of server-side tracking is that it is more accurate and dependable than browser-based tracking. Because the data is collected and stored on the company’s own servers, there is less chance of data loss or distortion as a result of issues such as browser settings or ad-blockers. Furthermore, server side tracking can track visitors who have disabled cookies, resulting in a more complete picture of website traffic.

Why everyone should switch to server side tracking
Why everyone should switch to server side tracking

•   Another advantage of server-side tracking is its security. When using browser-based tracking, data is frequently stored on the visitor’s browser, making it vulnerable to hacking or other forms of data breach. The data is stored on the company’s own servers with server side tracking, which are generally more secure and better protected against data breaches.

•   Visitors’ privacy is also better protected with server-side tracking. Data from browser-based tracking is regularly shared with third-party services, which may use that data for targeted advertising or other purposes. The data collected by server-side tracking is only accessible to the company and its authorized employees, ensuring that visitor data is not shared with third parties without their consent.

•   Besides that, server-side tracking is useful for businesses because it makes it easier to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and because it can be controlled and deleted more easily on the server side than on the client side.

To summarize, while browser-based tracking methods have been the industry standard for website analytics, server-side tracking is becoming a more popular alternative. It provides visitors with more accurate and reliable data, improved security, and enhanced privacy protection. To reap these benefits, businesses should consider switching to server-side tracking.