Data Elements

Media Tag/pixel can have defined Data Elements to capture and send as part of pixel call to provider. The Data Elements section lets you define customer data elements or gives an option to select out of box data elements that are capturing data as a default element.

  • Add Data Element – select Add Data Element, new Data Element details page opens up
    • Name – enter the Data Element name, (maintain name to be unique and follows your defined naming convention as best practice)
    • Description – you can put in an optional description for the data element.
    • Data Element Type
      • Is a language Data Element? – select this check box if you know this data element is going to be capturing language type.
      • Is a privacy compliance Data Element? – select this check box to denote this data element is subject to Privacy laws.
      • Choose Data Element Type – This drop down comes with 3 types of data elements to choose from.
        • URL Parameter – when you select URL Param type, you can configure URL Parameter, under details section.
          • URL Parameter Name – Enter Unique name
          • Default Value – optionally, if you have a default value for this parameter, you can set it up.
          • Case sensitive – This checkbox defines the parameter as a case sensitive parameter.
          • Clean – This checkbox trims any leading or trailing white spaces.
          • LowerCase – This checkbox will transform the data to lowercase.
        • Launch Data Element – This parameter denotes that you are telling MP to read Launch Data Layer element.
          • Element Name – define name from Data Layer
          • Default Value – define a default value.
        • Custom JavaScript – Developer can define a customer JavaScript variable.