Who are H&R Block?

H&R Block, an American tax preparation company, is based in Canada, the United States, and Australia. The organization provides tax software for consumers and online tax preparation and e-filing.

Committed to data privacy compliance, H&R Block wanted to build an inherent security system, improve website performance, and improve user experience. They are a data-driven company that believes in responsible and meaningful tracking and analytics to understand user behavior and marketing.

What problems were H&R Block facing with regards to their website?

  • Pixels and tags used for media and analytics were crammed into a singular tag management solution, while tag updation caused tags to break on most occasions.
  • Traditional TMS cannot set Time-To-Live (TTL) for time-bound marketing campaigns that create media pixels from older, irrelevant campaigns.
  • TMS did not have the monitoring capabilities necessary to identify issues quickly. This led to delays of up to a week in finding them and even 2 weeks bypassing them.
  • The synchronous firing of media tags and the inability to trigger them at a time that allowed page content to load first affected the website’s performance.
  • More than 400 standard tag manager rules were affecting the site performance.
  • Debugging existing tags and adding new ones took a lot of time.
  • There was no valid monitoring of an issue that slowed down the process of identifying gap-related tags.
  • The synchronous firing and inability to trigger media tags correctly caused a slowdown in website performance.

What solutions did MagicPixel propose?

With the challenges laid bare before us, we proposed and implemented a set of solutions involving server-side tagging, privacy compliance, and much more.

  • Migration of client-side tags to the server

A server-side tag management tool can transfer tags from client to server without affecting marketing campaigns.

  • Tag monitoring dashboard

Magic Pixel’s dashboards are customized for diagnostics. This made it easier for H&R Block to monitor the tags that were important to them. The visual representation was also available to their team concerned.

  • Crowd testing implementation time reduced

The time it took to implement tags was cut from days to hours. Magic Pixel’s featured capability, Crowd Testing, reduces the time required to implement tags, particularly conversion tags. It allows marketers to validate data immediately, capture it, and turn it into useful data.

  • Real-time detection of anomalies

Magic Pixel’s algorithm detects and alerts anomalies by monitoring any tag that has configurable rules or sensitivity settings. H&R Block is now using this feature to monitor all of their tags. It allows them to take corrective actions immediately and avoid data loss.

How did MagicPixel help H&R Block?

  • Clearing up media pixels

H&R Block’s lighthouse scores were affected by slow website page loading speeds. Website load speeds were affected by this because tags didn’t expire. Tags that didn’t expire were invalid and insignificant, but they still existed. This allowed for data collection or proliferation without authorization from media providers. MagicPixel reduced 350+ tags to under 50. It was a mixture of analytics and media tags. We had to separate media pixels. This was crucial for improving website performance.

  • Seamless tag audits

MagicPixel requires tag implementers to set an expiration date for each tag during setup. We validate each tag against its expiration date, which means any expired tags will be removed from the system. These tags can be renewed and removed during annual audits.

  • Data privacy and compliance

H&R Block uses OneTrust as their CCPA compliance tool. Then along with OneTrust, MagicPixel was integrated to enable tags to comply with CCPA in hours. Previously, it took between 30 and 50 days to implement and maintain compliance without MagicPixel. H&R Block was able to see how many tags were being removed due to CCPA compliance. This helped to quantify how much media information was lost due to people opting for CCPA compliance.

How did MagicPixel improve H&R Block’s website performance with server-side tagging?
How did MagicPixel improve H&R Block’s website performance with server-side tagging?

What benefits do H&R Block get to enjoy with MagicPixel?

  • Website speed increased, and subsequently, their lighthouse score increased by 10%.
  • From 350+ tags, we managed to bring it down to 50, removing redundant tags.
  • With seamless integration to H&R Block’s privacy compliance tool OneTrust, compliance with CCPA tags is now faster. MagicPixel took only 4 hours to complete the entire site instead of the traditional 30-day process.
  • The organization can now control their data and stream it in real-time to a CDP or lake of their choice.
  • Future proof marketing integrations with OOTB capability.

MagicPixel did it for H&R Block. We can do it for you too.

Website speed can be increased by reducing tags. IT departments do not have the necessary skills to deal with CCPA and other governing regulations. Much information is lost when cookies stop firing tags. Third-party vendors can bypass user preferences and place tags on your website that could violate data privacy or threaten data security.

All your MarTech solutions can now be solved on one platform with us at MagicPixel. Be it website performance, privacy compliance, or more, we have the solutions your business deserves. Get in touch with us today by booking a demo.