Improve website performance
with web tagging

Measure website effectiveness and improve performance, understanding behavioral patterns and trends

1_Web tagging_Magic Pixel

No more heavylifting. Explore Magic Pixel's lightweight SDK.

Configure any pixel or media tag with a simple and intuitive UI. Our lightweight SDK with a small footprint on each page compiles the required data for you. The Magic Pixel engine frees up the browser resources from all the heavy lifting.

Self-hosting on your own CDN as a true first-party SDK is a Magic Pixel recommended best practice. When you enable our ID Link service, you get to create a first-party HTTP Cookie to store the Unique ID for the visitor.

You can choose to host your own CDN with us using a CNAME to Magic Pixel.

1_Web tagging_Magic Pixel

Hybrid Approach

Change anytime a pixel into a client-side tag. With Magic Pixel’s single SDK, take care of firing client-side pixels plus everything necessary to fire remaining server-side pixels.

First Party SDK

Follow best practices by self-hosting on your own CDN as a true first-party SDK.  Create a first-party HTTP Cookie to store the Unique ID for the visitor while setting up our ID Link service. Or, use Magic Pixel hosted CDN.

3_First Party SDK_Magic Pixel
3_First Party SDK_Magic Pixel

Better Analytics

Measure every KPI and also monitor tag productivity with stored performance data or live data. Gain real-time analytics on how your page works.

What is a web tag?

A web tag allows you to measure your website performance in real-time. It is a piece of Javascript code, a small pixel, or a transparent image. It collects unique information about your customers and their on-site behaviors across your organization’s digital properties.