The Next-Gen Tag Management Platform

Tags that tell you about customers
and let you act now!

About Us

Magic Pixel is a next-gen tag management system that transforms your website and mobile app performance by reducing the time spent on media tag management processes, detects anomalies with no-code knowledge. 

It comes with in-built best practices of tag management and data privacy governance & compliance. Cut down the pixel implementation time with over 75 pre-built integrations with media providers and growing. It is inherently designed to enable server-side tag execution and enhance client-side tagging.

With increased regulations worldwide (CCPA, GDPR, LGPD), our solution makes it easy for marketers and legal teams to comply with any data compliance rule in a few clicks.

A Reality Check

It’s not just about tag managers. 

Data analysts, marketers, legal teams are involved in managing tags and they also need a dependable tag management platform. And so, we created it!

The Magic Pixel Story

Martech veterans driven to solve problems brings our founding team together. Tag management is one of those marketing areas that excites us. We have been tag managers and could not stick to the status quo. We always look for better ways. 

The existing state of tag management did not satisfy us. It comes with gaps of non-compliance and tool complexity. We stepped up to create a next-gen tag management tool that supports server-side tagging which encourages clean and compliant data management practices. 

We added pre-scripted and customized code snippets for easy SDK integrations with over 75 tools. And, that list is growing. We believe that tag management can be easy, quick, clean, and transparent.